Measuring B2B marketing effectiveness

Measurement. That old chestnut. 

More educated customers. Fragmented and growing channels. Ever increasing barriers within the corporation to link systems together. These - and many more - reasons are why measuring activity, accurately, in real time and then driving real learnings and strategy has become all too complex.

At Palmer Hargreaves we love solving complexity. But to truly solve something you must be able to measure it - otherwise subjectivity abounds, how do you know it is solved unless you can look at the numbers in black and white?

But what do those numbers actually mean - measurement is only truly effective when it can be used to predict customer behaviour, to drive future strategy.

Technology has created the complexity. But we believe it can also solve it. As an agency that adopts modern and traditional marketing we have found that technology can overcome the measurement challenges faced by even the most complicated of businesses. 

We believe the time to start measuring is now.  Download our free whitepaper on why every business, should and could start measuring straight away.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Complexity

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